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    1. Stop?
    2. I've written but haven't sent yet. And the things I'm feeling, letters aren't quick enough. And as direct as I can be right now, you are hurting me.
    3. I see. I am hurt too..
    4. I know you are you but you don't realise that everything you say hurts me and why are we doing this here. Ugh.
    5. I did not write any of what I wrote earlier today to be vindictive, nor do I think it reads that way. I would read through again if everything I have said in fact hurts you. I would read a bit closer.
    6. Stifled contact is for the best. It keeps us from saying or writing anything too hastily. I also am not ready to speak with such immediacy. As I had hoped, you can understand why...

  9. Stop.